One of the main conditions of successful struggle with laziness is self-organization. The presence of a large number of cases that need to be done requires a plan and organization. Otherwise, the resulting burden will create a mess in your actions, the desire to postpone the work will increase. Try to keep your workplace as clean and tidy, avoid clutter in their Affairs. If you notice that you have problems with a workflow, take a few hours to clean him up.
Stop to think negatively. If performing any of the work, you say to yourself that you are lazy, you are tired or you just don't want to do anything, chase these thoughts. Such thoughts make a person lazy even stronger, he convinces himself to stop and stop working. Try to act in the opposite direction. Tell yourself, for example, that the time has come, finally, to do what you need.
Consider how it can change your life, if you cease to be lazy. What do you give it to us early? Perhaps it affects your performance in school. Or are you working on a project that need to pass by a certain date. Think about the fact that the lack of laziness can help you avoid most of the problems in the future. You can also think about positive things. For example, if in the morning you're too lazy to get out of bed, tell yourself that if not lazy, you will have time to make yourself a delicious Breakfast and leisurely go about their business.
To stop being lazy often hampered by the lack of a specific goal. If you know exactly what you are aiming for, your motivation will be much higher. Get yourself a diary and write in it a list of all of the work you must perform. Set priorities for each of them to know which you must perform first. To maintain such a diary became a chore in itself, try to Supplement it with visual things. For example, use pictures or bright labels, attach them on the wall or on a metal surface using magnets.
Work out. Regular exercise makes a person feel more energetic and improves its performance. In particular, it is recommended to start the day with morning exercises. Try to do sport during the day. Start gym, do a short jog, go to the pool, etc.
Be sure to organize fasting days, allow yourself to be lazy at least once a week. Do all the necessary work during the week and not be lazy, but Sunday should be a day of rest.