This procedure is often very long and complex, this is due to litigation-related documents, however, if you want you can use the services of specialists that can take care of all the hassle associated with the correct registration of primary documents.

It is worth remembering that to clear the owner will have any car, even if it is imported to Russia only for a short period of time. This rule is established by the current legislation and is mandatory for compliance.

To fulfill the procedure of registration of transport documents, it is necessary to pay – the so-called aggregate customs payment without making registration impossible.

In order to properly clear of the vehicle, will be required to pay in a timely manner. In accordance with established procedures, the deadline is one day after the car crossed the customs border.

Certain rules exist for physical and legal persons. As a rule, state fee for registration of the vehicle is significantly higher, it is composed of several parameters and is calculated individually. Individuals pay for the car in accordance with the applicable rates, which are uniform. A very convenient means of calculating the amount of the fee is calculator program that allows you to set the size of the payment.

Every day in Russia arrive from Russia leaving thousands of cars in Ukraine, Belarus and other countries, all of them is mandatory the procedure of registration of transport documents.