Advice 1: How to be cunning and wise

The trick in most cases perceived as something negative, not too worthy of associated with deception, insincerity. But there are times when this word has the opposite meaning. For example, in family relations. When about a married woman say, "She is wise!", this means that the wife is able to think straight, the ability to go for a reasonable compromise, concessions, provides a cosy, friendly atmosphere. How can my wife become cunning and wise?
How to be cunning and wise
First of all, strongly banish doubt, saying, and whether it is possible to resort to trickery in a conjugal relationship, if that? Nothing bad is not here. You can't cheat my husband, moreover, do not change it. You want a family friendly atmosphere, there was mutual understanding, respect to each other. And in this case very much depends on the woman. It is no accident that different people in the world there are Proverbs such as: "Clever wife husband mistress", "Husband – head wife – neck."
Remember: any male, including delicate and fragile, can not stand when a woman tries to command them, especially emphatically and categorically. You – not the army chief, and your home is not a barracks. Learn how to succeed with female gentleness, as befits the weaker sex.
For example, you rightly believe that the husband would help around the house, instead of lying on the couch watching TV. In the end, you, too, came home from work. In any case, do not throw an angry tone: "is it Really so hard to understand that I'm tired? Come on, get up, help!" Phrase: "Honey, could you help me?" would be more appropriate. And husband must be willing to respond to your call.
And if a husband and wife different points of view how to act in a particular case? Even if you are absolutely sure of the correctness (suppose better versed in this issue), it is not necessary to go to the goal ahead. What do you think would get the unforgettable Fox cheese from the Crow, if resorted to shouting, threats, even tears? Here's what it is. Achieve the objective of prudent cunning. A little flatter to her husband: "You're so smart, surely you know how to do that!" And when he will "soften", is delicately and skillfully position it on the desired thought.
Ways lot. At a minimum desire and fantasies the wife gets her way, and her husband is sincerely convinced that he wanted to. And all will be well!

Advice 2 : What does a wise woman after a quarrel

Joint life often brings. their second halves and teaches a specific reaction to some things. However, this takes time, but if you have not yet learned how to withdraw from conflict and avoid its recurrence, it is necessary to do conclusions of each argument. Constant tantrums and insults don't add to the relationship, no love, no passion. Unfortunately, this is the path to destruction.
What does a wise woman after a quarrel

Accept the inevitable

You need to understand that to have no quarrels, and innuendo is impossible. Enough to quarrel with his superiors or be late to a meeting as it begins to accumulate irritation. It is the General rule in most couples, the discharge of the accumulated negativity they are used to. It's enough to complain about every little thing and immediately formed a conflict. At the beginning of a joint life such squabbles usually end in a passionate reconciliation. When the storm of feelings subsided, you need to learn to deal differently.

Remember that you do not owe the person who hits you, degrades or threatens your safety. The same applies to people with alcohol dependence. Your education, even as resentment, in principle nothing will change. It is necessary either to treat or to accept.

Reconciliation plan

If you have a regular quarrel, do not go on about their emotions, and acted like a wise woman. First decide if you really want reconciliation. Or the situation has become so painful that you will be a better one. Please answer honestly to this question, since many couples continue to live together only because of habit.

Try any way to avoid the recurrence of conflict. Otherwise it will be like a sore spot that you constantly pull away. If the husband no longer find fault with him for this reason. If the instigator were you, analyze your mistakes and never to repeat. You need to be able to draw conclusions.

Do not try to go to a truce when your appearance is poor. Although for a need to monitor constantly, women often forget about themselves. So shake yourself for the sake of peace in your family. Of course you can change the shape for a couple of days impossible. But you can wear a homemade dress instead of a robe and use the makeup. Woman with curlers and with a mask on the face causes more pity than love.

Start a conversation first. In advance think of a conciliatory phrase. Select the correct tone. If you will do me a favor, the fight will enter a new phase.

Do not discuss the omissions that led to the conflict. Better tell your husband about your feelings, that you are afraid to lose him and still in love.

Show understanding. Say that largely I agree with him, just on emotions, something difficult to solve. Accept that he was right. But do not go too far, otherwise the man will take the position hurt a young boy's life.

To put up better on neutral territory, so try to lure the husband out of the house. Show him your love. But if he's not ready to make peace, don't insist. Give him time to make a decision, but avoid the offended person or disgruntled phrases.
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