First of all, strongly banish doubt, saying, and whether it is possible to resort to trickery in a conjugal relationship, if that? Nothing bad is not here. You can't cheat my husband, moreover, do not change it. You want a family friendly atmosphere, there was mutual understanding, respect to each other. And in this case very much depends on the woman. It is no accident that different people in the world there are Proverbs such as: "Clever wife husband mistress", "Husband – head wife – neck."
Remember: any male, including delicate and fragile, can not stand when a woman tries to command them, especially emphatically and categorically. You – not the army chief, and your home is not a barracks. Learn how to succeed with female gentleness, as befits the weaker sex.
For example, you rightly believe that the husband would help around the house, instead of lying on the couch watching TV. In the end, you, too, came home from work. In any case, do not throw an angry tone: "is it Really so hard to understand that I'm tired? Come on, get up, help!" Phrase: "Honey, could you help me?" would be more appropriate. And husband must be willing to respond to your call.
And if a husband and wife different points of view how to act in a particular case? Even if you are absolutely sure of the correctness (suppose better versed in this issue), it is not necessary to go to the goal ahead. What do you think would get the unforgettable Fox cheese from the Crow, if resorted to shouting, threats, even tears? Here's what it is. Achieve the objective of prudent cunning. A little flatter to her husband: "You're so smart, surely you know how to do that!" And when he will "soften", is delicately and skillfully position it on the desired thought.
Ways lot. At a minimum desire and fantasies the wife gets her way, and her husband is sincerely convinced that he wanted to. And all will be well!