Build your relationship with your spouse based on love, understanding and respect. These categories should be present in a harmonious pair. Take care of each other's feelings. Don't let your sincere affection and tenderness developed into a habit, when the husband and wife cease to Express care and affection. Share your thoughts and experiences with her husband. Be open and honest.
It is not necessary to restrict the freedom of your spouse. Understand that he needed personal space and time for yourself. No need to stand between her husband and his passion to Express dissatisfaction with his friends. Better to enjoy your personal life, get some Hobbies, meet more often with friends. It is not necessary to dissolve completely for the spouse and the more demand the same in return.
Don't criticize my husband behind his back. It is not necessary to discuss the details of your marriage with outsiders, even your closest friends or relatives. You have chosen such a man, live with him, and therefore, it is your free decision. So no need to complain of a loved one. In the presence of other people try to sort things out with her and not to Express dissatisfaction with your marriage. All problems solve alone.
Do not need to show his wife all jealous. Believe me, this emotion can destroy a marriage. The man presenting groundless claims of infidelity, you show your low self esteem, lack of confidence in its appeal. In addition, your suspicions you show distrust towards her husband. If you are concerned about some point, talk quietly with your spouse and clarify all the details.
Do not attempt to alter his choice. Take it for what it is, with all its features. Don't forget that is a person you singled out among all the contenders for your heart and love. Don't need to wish that your spouse lost their identity and changed their habits. Fundamentally it will not change. You knew the man you marry. If something is not satisfied, it may be better not to torture either her husband or herself.
Please be patient. Remember that marriage is a series of compromises. Sometimes you have to sacrifice anything for the sake of family happiness. It is impossible to love and happiness and nothing to sacrifice. Sometimes you have to withdraw from their own desires. Sometimes it is necessary to concede for the sake of peace in the family and General well-being, and very wise wife understands this.