Don't show that you are afraid to lose it. The stronger sex - hunters by nature, they prefer to win the victim, they are not interested in when they run. Husband in any case should not think that is the center of your life. Realizing this, he quickly loses interest in you, it is more than certain to win.
Love yourself. As you begin to appreciate their identity, satisfy their desires and live their life (not my husband's life), he will perceive you in a different format. Learn to delight yourself and to be a constant mystery. This is an intriguing man and makes you achieve you day-to-day.
Grow continuously, do not stop there. This is especially true of women whose husbands succeed in their careers. The development of both spouses must be simultaneous, so they will always find something to talk about. Even if you are sitting at home with the kids, try to learn more. Never too late to learn.
Be independent. Man never get tired of a self-sufficient woman, with their point of view and living a full life. Find a hobby that will bring you pleasure, attend fitness centers, sports clubs, museums, libraries, socialize with friends. The man should see that not all your attention focused on him, it will be brought to you. Male cables not beauty, and individuality.
Follow their appearance. Care for hair, nails and skin, use cosmetics, follow the figure. An attractive woman always looks impressive. Update your wardrobe - not only will this improve your mood and make a man admire you.
Be calm and balanced. Men reject frequent domestic squabbles. If you are not constantly in the mood and looking for a reason to quarrel, sooner or later it will push it. Husband to come back home, you will need to maintain a calm environment. More humor in life - great advice for married couples. Of all the controversial situations it is possible to find a compromise without screaming and fighting.
Be sexy. It is very important that the man continued to want you, even after ten years of marriage. It is possible to diversify the intimate life: new positions, role-playing, a change of scenery. Don't be afraid to seduce a man and yourself give in to his seduction.
Look at the world with optimism. Men love funny women who enjoyed the smallest detail. Such a pleasure to be around. Laugh, tell funny stories about himself and the children, give good emotions, then you will be interested and have a good time.