Some couples after divorce continue to live together. In that case, if the apartment is privatized and was acquired before marriage, to expel the man who is your ex-husband is not difficult. File a claim in court, to it attach a certificate of your right of ownership of the apartment and a divorce certificate. The court's decision will be in your favor, you will only have to present it to the former spouse.
If even after the court ruled on the eviction, the person does not want to leave, have to apply measures of influence. Wait until he gets out of the apartment about their business, and change the lock. Collect his things in a suitcase and set out the door. When you try unwelcome guest to enter the apartment, call the police. Present a police certificate of divorce and a judgment of eviction. Prepare a statement to police that the court order your former spouse to them is not performed. Typically, this measure is effective.
Polite and considerate people seems impossible to kick the annoying friend who can come to the house uninvited. Realize that it is disrespectful to the owners, who are forced to change their plans and entertain guest. In this case, act firmly and decisively – if the person does not understand such elementary things, you will have to explain to him the unacceptability of such behavior. Tell me directly what you have to ask him to leave your home because you are not inclined to accept it, don't make excuses and does not refer to employment.
Kicking someone annoyingly trying to call you for a talk, as do members of certain religious sects, Treponema in the front door of the apartments, you can without any hesitation. Opening the door and seeing such a delegation, just say, "Thank you and goodbye!", close the door. This way you do not hurt anyone and will save their time by avoiding tedious conversations and religious appeals.