Otolaryngologist - the doctor who needs to examine the patient with early lesions in the oral mucosa. Basically, diagnoses and prescribes treatment, he, in some cases, you may need to consult other specialists.

Diseases of the oral cavity

Detection in the oral cavity red pimples can be a symptom of diseases such as glossitis, and candidiasis, these diseases in adults cures otolaryngologist.

If the language are red dots that hurt and itch, it may glossitis – inflammation of tongue. This disease can happen in several ways: frequent use of hot and spicy food; consuming alcohol in large quantities; - Smoking; low immunity; allergies; herpes.

Thus, if there is evidence of glossitis, the first step is to avoid spicy and hot food, no alcohol, no Smoking. If the cause of glossitis has become allergic, you can try to calculate the allergen and eliminate it. To determine the allergen is almost impossible, so the audiologist will refer you to the doctor the allergist-immunologist.

Among the popular treatments can be noted rinse soda solution or a decoction of herbs such as sage, St. John's wort and greater celandine. However, it is preferable to consult the doctor to set the diagnosis and prescribe the required complex treatment.

If red bumps discovered closer to the throat and at the base of the tongue, as well as visible white patches in the sky, the inner sides of the cheeks, tongue and even the gums, it is likely a fungal disease called candidiasis or thrush. As a result of this inflammation is overgrowth on the surface of the affected fungi Candida that cause burning, itching and even pain while eating.

Intestinal dysbiosis is one of the main causes of candidiasis. Getting rid of him, the number of Candida fungi significantly reduced. With questions about the methods of treatment of this disease the patient should consult a gastroenterologist.

Another cause of yeast infection can be reduced immunity. If candidiasis of the mucous membranes of the mouth diagnosed in the newborn baby, the reason is the low resistance to such infections. Treatment the baby must appoint a local pediatrician.

Treatment of candidiasis is made locally antifungal agents. As well as increase the level of immunity by vitamins.

In the case of diseases of the oral cavity should not delay going to the doctor. Traditional methods often provoke other diseases. If you take, for example, often tip to rinse soda solution, it may not only not improve the situation, but also lead to dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity.

Who to contact if problems occur

Upon detection of oral abnormalities should not self-medicate. Better to consult a otolaryngologist, who can determine the causes of disease and to establish the necessary treatment methods. You can also ask for help to the dentist. In some cases, make a diagnosis and to appoint correct treatment the dentist helps the therapist, the allergist, gastroenterologist and other specialists.