You will need
  • - a computer with preinstalled Windows OS;
  • - special software.
Click on the "start" button, select "Run" and in the search bar write regedit . This name is a Windows utility that allows you to edit the system registry manually. Using regedit is very effective, as it gives full control over the entire woody structure of the database partitions, keys, and parameters. However, this utility is only for experienced user who knows exactly what he's doing and what consequences will the changes in this branch of the registry.
Download and install special software to clean and restore the system database. Suitable programs in the Internet are vast. There are freely available solutions, the so-called trial (program with little free work time for review and later purchase) as well as paid software. You should pay attention to the products of renowned manufacturers of the software. For example, a good reputation among users have received such "cleaners" like Wise Registry Cleaner (, CCleaner (, Ashampoo Optimizer (
Before any changes make a copy of the registry. Almost all programs for data processing, they offer to do it for the user. It is important to make frequent backups of the data States to be able to recover from a failed uninstallation option or Windows registry key.
Make sure that during any operation involving the data, the computer was plugged in or had a fully charged battery (important for laptops). Otherwise, the emergency shutdown can cause data loss and sometimes complete Erasure of important Windows registry settings, which in turn will cause failure of the software or the whole system.