If you want to edit registry settings, you must create a backup of the partition that is going to change. To do this you need administrator rights. At the command prompt, type regedit to invoke the registry editor, and click OK.
In the registry tree select the section that you want to edit and in the menu "File" select command "Export". Thus you will create the patch (patch) register – text file with the extension *.reg. The window "file Name" enter the name of the patches. By default, it is saved in the folder "My documents".
To create a patch registry branches can be different. Click on the selected folder with the right mouse button and from the drop down menu select "Export". Set the patch name in the appropriate box and click "Save".
To restore the key, double-click the file with the extension *.reg. Its contents will be added to the registry. There's another way: go to "File" select "Import" and select the desired file in the folder where it was saved.
You can keep the partitions from the command line. Type reg save , for example: reg save HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE c:CopyHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.hive
To restore the registry, use the reg restore command , for example reg restore HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE c:CopyHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.hive
To save the whole registry you can use a built-in Windows "backup Wizard". At the command prompt, type ntbackup. In the "backup Wizard" click on "Advanced mode" and open the "Archiving" tab. In the "backup Media...", specify the folder in which you save the registry.
In the object list, select System State and click "Archive". In the new window, click "Advanced" and uncheck the item "Automatically back up" to speed up the process. Archive type select "Normal". Confirm with OK and back up.
To restore the registry from a backup, start ntbackup from the command line and in the "backup utility" go to the tab "Restore and manage...". In the object list check the "system Status". Specify the source to restore and click "Recover".
If you haven't created backups of the registry, try to use the "system Restore". Restart the computer in safe mode and choose "last known good configuration". Select the date closest to that when changes were made to the registry.