You will need
  • software Regedit.
Because the registry is the only repository of all the settings before you edit it, you need to make a backup of both the files, registry, and individual branches to be edited. To start the editor registry in Windows Seven you need to click "start menu" and move the cursor to the search field, enter the name of the program (regedit) and press Enter.
To log into the editor registry , you must log in as administrator. Complete this step and click "Yes". You will see the main program window. In the left part of the window are the branches of the registry, and the right side will display the keys that are in their folders.
Navigation in the program is using the directory tree which is in the left part of the program (branches of the registry). To uncover one of the branches of the registry, click on the " + "sign to close the branch in a similar action on the" - " character. To create their values in the right part of the window click the right mouse button on free space and select "New".
It is now possible to consider the work in the editor registry for the specific examples. Press Alt + Tab you will see a quick move. Its settings can be edited in the registry of the operating system. Open the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop. Find the right side of the program window parameter CoolSwitchColumns – he is responsible for the number of columns in the quick movement between the programs. CoolSwitchRows and the parameter responsible for the number of rows. To make the change in one of the settings double click with the left mouse button on it and in the opened window enter your number.
In a 64-bit version of Windows Seven is setting up a slide show (screen saver). Edit its parameters are in the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelPersonalizationDesktop Slideshow. Look in the right part of the window parameter AnimationDuration – the number of milliseconds a smooth transition from one image to another. Changing the value of this parameter is the same as in the previous example.
The changes are automatically when you press the "OK" button. So any action to save the settings of the registry is not necessary to perform.