As found by marketers, almost half of the success in sales of women's clothes depends on the seller. Picking up the shop staff, try to appearance sellers conform to the goods that you offer. If the sellers will not wear a uniform, the clothing must be bought in your store. Youth clothing should sell younger girls classic, you can trust respectable ladies aged. And without exception, they should look neat and tidy, to be neatly combed. And, of course, the shop shouldn't be sellers male.
Great importance is the location of your store, its name and showcases. These are the factors that attract those who pass by, but is your potential buyer. Original title, reflecting the specific trade institution, its sign, stands out on the façade, comfortable and spacious entrance you will attract additional number of those interested. Identify in the shop, the point where the sight came to him of the buyer. Install a group of brightly dressed mannequins or do a installation using samples of goods.
The art of merchandising – the display of goods, submission on hangers and shelves will also help you to increase sales of women's clothing. Items of the same brand from the same collection position next, make calculations posters, and clothing or abuse on the sets, facilitating its selection of shoppers.
If brands a lot, think of goods by commodity brands, colours or sets. Use of colour, attention to clothing, posted in the hall. Make sure that the hanger with the merchandise was hung not very tight and buyers could easily remove and to consider your favorite thing.
Note that in the trading room always smelled good, use popular perfumed smell, which will then cause pleasant associations your customers and stimulate their desire to come to you. Even a pleasant, quiet but dynamic music can inspire a woman to buy.
An additional incentive for your customers would be a discount, especially cumulative. Arrange periodic sales and promotions. The complex of these actions will allow you to attract loyal and new buyers to your store, to steadily increase sales of women's clothing.