You will need
  • - the status of the individual entrepreneur or the legal entity;
  • - money for purchase of the goods;
  • premises;
  • - the staff;
  • - equipment for the boutique.
Select the format of the future boutique. You can focus on the luxury products of different brands or to cooperate with only one supplier and to represent exclusively its range. For most regions the best multi-brand Department where you can buy products in different price categories.
Find the suppliers. Your range should be different from the standard one offered by supermarkets and the usual shops. Offer a wide selection of chocolate sets, including small, at an affordable price; white, bitter and milk bulk chocolate with natural ingredients. Sell limited edition seasonal collections, chocolate greeting cards and handmade chocolates in a variety of flavors. Chocolate from local producers complement the imported products of the best brands of Belgian, Austrian, French.
Find a suitable room. You can access the Department in a shopping Mall or large supermarket. Choose a place with high traffic – the more potential customers will see your boutique, the higher the chance of purchase. If you decide to open a shop street format, prefer the busy pedestrian streets. For the Department sufficient 10-12 square feet, the store can be bigger – up to 30 sq. m. In this area you can ensure a good display of goods and to organize a small area for tasting.
Plan design boutique. Usually such shops decorated in chocolate and cream tones, the color of the main product. For calculations we need open shelving and glazed display Cabinet. Buy a machine for brewing hot chocolate – you'll be able to conduct the tasting, besides the delicious smell of freshly made drink will attract buyers and serve as additional advertising.
Employ the staff. To work in the Department only one seller per shift. Guide training – the saleswoman has a good understanding of the range of boutique, help customers in the selection, to be able to form gift sets.
Provide the right conditions for storing chocolate. Handmade chocolates must be exhibited in the refrigeration showcase. Tile, chocolate, set of cuts, as well as the weight of products stored on shelves at room temperature.
Ensure that the treats are not subjected to temperature extremes – it suffers from the appearance of products. Shelf life of handmade chocolates does not exceed six months. Leftovers decommission – if the market will fall overdue chocolate, your reputation can be seriously damaged. Mention that the buyers of the boutiques waiting for the production of especially high quality – should not disappoint their hopes.
Actively advertise your boutique. Consider the system of discounts for regular customers. Arrange a tasting for a major purchase, give small gifts. Information about bonuses and updates post in the store and print the leaflets for distribution to customers.