Check with endocrinologist"Syndrome dirty elbows" can be a symptom of insufficiency of adrenal function or thyroid. In this case, you will not help any cosmetic procedure need treatment. In some cases the color of the skin of the elbows negatively affected by the lack of vitamins A and E. to Establish this fact will also help the doctors.
Remove rough coudle you can use body scrub homemade. Mix a couple of tablespoons of sour cream with the same amount of salt medium grind. Rubbing this mixture in the problem areas during shower. Effective is another way to eliminate the darkened skin. RUB on a small grater 1 onion, the resulting slurry attach to the elbows and secure with a bandage or band-aid. After half an hour remove the wrap and remove the softened skin with a body brush or a pumice stone. After the procedure of purification on the elbows it is recommended to apply nourishing cream.
Bleach lactonitrile lemon into thin slices, and secure them to the elbow with a bandage for half an hour. If there is no time to pack – just wipe blackened place the lemon slices. To improve the skin condition of the elbows and poultices of raw potato, grated. Or prepare a whitening tray: per liter of warm water add 1 teaspoon of ammonia and many liquid soap. Pour the mixture into a wide bowl and soak in her elbows 20 minutes.
Nourish Koukou the elbows are prone to dryness and flaking. After bathing RUB her cream, containing jojoba oil and Shea. Instead of cream you can take flax or olive oil.