Tar soap contains birch tar. This component has antiseptic properties and accelerates the healing process. By the way, tar is added to pharmaceutical ointments in order wound healing effect.

How and where is used?

1. Coal-tar soap is a good helper for various problems: eliminates blackheads, reduces acne, is a good prevention with the threat of acne and blockage of the sebaceous glands. It has a drying effect when applied to purulent rashes.

2. It will bring tangible positive effect in various skin diseases. Doctors recommend patients suffering from psoriasis, ringworm and dermatitis. It reduces the manifestation of these illnesses, reduces itching and irritation.

3. It is useful to apply when the appearance of burns, frostbite, sores in the healing stage.

4. Soap can be used as a means to wash your hair. It strengthens hair, improves its structure, makes hair shiny, the hair starts to grow more intensively, reducing the likelihood of dandruff and excess oil.

How to apply?

Tar soap when caring for the face apply every day. In the morning instead of the usual soap cleanser lather and wash your face. After a couple weeks of use condition of the skin becomes more healthy, pass all the troubles on the face. But if you have dry skin, wash using tar soap can no more than once a day. After washing, remove the moisture with a soft towel and apply a face cream to avoid dryness of the skin.

Using coal-tar soap as hair care, stick to simple rules. Do not rinse the soap with hot water, only cool. Because the hair after applying the hot water may remain plaque. For proper use it is necessary to hands lather soap and then apply the resulting paste on the hair. Lathered hair, leave it on hair for five minutes and then rinse.

Do not use soap all the time, this can lead to excessive dryness of the skin. To get rid of smell after using soap, rinse the hair with water after adding it to the lemon juice or vinegar. You can also apply ordinary conditioner.