Wait for the moment when the chick turns three and a half months. At this time males begin to sing loudly, practicing vocals for two weeks. They should immediately mark, as the other signs will not be observed up to six months.
как различить самку попугая
At the age of six to eight months parrots Corella is molting. As a result, the plumage of the males acquires a more vivid color tone, and females are recognized by the more rounded body contours and calm character. But often in these moments to know the sex of a parrot korella very difficult.
как распознать пол волнистого попугая
To reliably distinguish males from females when they reach the age of one year. Males, become handsome with bright yellow furry crest on the head and a dark, pointed wings, marked with white ovals. The body of the parrot acquires a pearly-grey, the cheeks are orange spots.
The plumage of the female is a dusty gray color. Only on the inside of the wings you can see light yellow spots and stripes. Cheeks less rosy than males.
попугай голубова цвета мальчик или девочка
At the moment there are several color variations of parrots Corella white, pearly, yellow, motley, and others. Depending on this, each type has its own features that determine sex. For example, to find out the sex of a parrot Corella white possible before the first molt. During this period, females have a slightly yellowish plumage, occasionally the wings are dotted with bright spots. Males often have a more pronounced blush on her cheeks.
как определить попугая где мальчик и где девочка
Try to find out the gender of Corella parrot behavior. As a rule, boys are more mobile and noisy, often like banging beak on anything. "Girls" more calm, like to sleep.
как узнать старый попугай или молодой