You will need
  • - money for business development.
Decide what kind of journal you want to create. It can be informational and advertising edition, which you will sell, and distribute by subscription or for free. These logs can be calculated as for a broad audience, and a relatively narrow segment of it. The second option is preferable, but only if you correctly calculate the volume of the selected sector. For example, a publication addressed to brides or moms with young children, may be more profitable than a regular magazine "All for women".
Another popular edition of its journal, your company presentation or promotional purposes. This publication will allow you to save on external advertising. You will be able to print the full catalogue of their products with photos, to publish articles of experts and other important information about their own product. Such magazines are distributed gratis, and put on racks in the offices and shops of the company, giving partners and suppliers.
Calculate a future edition. If it does not exceed 1,000 copies, register, log is not required. In other cases, you must obtain a certificate of mass media issued by Roskomnadzor. Apply, which specify the type of publication, its circulation, the method of distribution. To it attach a notarized copy of the passport, for legal entity – a copy of its Charter and an extract from the Unified state register. Pay the fee and a month wait for issuance of the certificate.
Select the schedule of the publication. You can print it monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. Own magazines of companies typically go two to four times a year. Output frequency depends not only on your possibilities and wishes for future advertisers.
The preparation of the first rooms start for two or three months before its release. Form revision. You will need a chief editor, content writers, web designer, photographer and proofreader. Some employees may work freelance. For the work of the editors hire the premises, equip it with computers. In the editorial office must process the photos, proofreading the journal, its Assembly and prepress.
If you plan to earn by selling advertising, hire promotional agents who will deal with its collection. Calculate prices and make a price list. In the first number of advertising space is accepted to sell with substantial discounts. But if your journal will be organized correctly and will attract the reader, already from the second issue, your income should increase.
Select the printer, where to print your magazine. The higher level of printing, the more expensive it will cost you to print and paper. Collect information on major and minor publishing houses, including those located in nearby regions. Sometimes it is more profitable to print it in another city, where the printing rates are lower.
Consider a distribution system. Freshly printed magazines should not "hang" you have in the office – they need as quickly as possible to deliver to readers. If you plan to distribute its newspaper for free, find partners – restaurants, shopping centers, clinics or beauty salons - the choice depends on the subject matter of the journal.