First decide what will be the journal. What is its name, target audience, number of pages, subject, frequency of publication, etc. it is necessary to monitor the market: if it is already a lot of fairly well-known magazine about the children, another children's edition is sure to be superfluous and will soon be closed. Find your edge that will attract readers.
Stock up on finances. Believe me: you at least several months will have to operate at a loss. Calculate all costs and not open your business until you gain the required amount. Otherwise, even if it goes well, you will probably have to either take out a loan or close the magazine. Consider the expenses for office rent, salary for staff, printing, publication printing, purchasing supplies, providing mobile communications, etc.
Register your magazine, and receive a license for its publication. If the magazine will be distributed throughout the country, or at least in several constituent entities of the Russian Federation, please contact the Roskomnadzor. If you plan to publish it only in the city, the certificate will issue by the Federal service. To publish the magazine without a license illegally, the issuing process may take time, so make sure you fill out the documents and then proceed to the selection of office and selection of employees.
Rent an office and hire staff. You need journalists, sales managers, designers, web designers, photographer, literary editor, proofreader, accountant and possibly a lawyer for drawing up contracts and legal advice. Only a good team of professionals is able to produce a really interesting magazine and uncoil it, therefore, to select employees must be very careful.
Define headings, topic articles, take good quality photographs to the materials. Agree with several companies about advertising in publications are poorly promoted that nobody wants to give paid advertising, however, you may agree to one or two rooms to advertise the school for free or to place discount coupons or agree to barter. It should also be free to circulate the magazine in cafes, railway stations, airports, beauty salons, etc. So you increase the popularity of the publication and make it more recognizable.