You will need
  • - computer with Internet access
  • browser
Decide the topic on which you want to create the Internet-the magazine. Every newspaper, city, district or factory, always contains all the genres the journalistice. And the Internet-the magazine needs to cover. Narrow the theme of your magazineand to a minimum, choose a very specific topic, formulate it more clearly.
Start collecting material. Open your resource as soon as there are about 50 articles. Will suffice to make the Internet-magazine and a few of his releases. Next, re-gather material for the next issue. Constantly do this to fill their Internet-magazine. First do weekly releases, so you will have time to collect the necessary information to track the most and least readable issues, analyze the information, and, based on it, build new releases of its Internet-magazineand therefore, to make it interesting to readers.
Fill each section of the website any material, once a month at least. Build releases so that each reader could find at least one material from any section of the magazine. So you can not only make your online-magazine, but also to reach a wider audience, to give the reader a choice.
Put in your online-magazine, e-links to photo reports from the past week of events. This can involve on site magazineand those people who would be too lazy to read, and easier to watch and learn the same news from them. In each issue add at least one material from history, this mini-digression, this will allow you to add readers.
Decide whether you have the desire and time to work on the Internet-logohms before you can create your own magazine. Sort the collected materials to their place, strive to ensure that the reader received the best.