To start, determine what your home is ceiling height. In accordance with this height you need to set fire bulkheads nailed across at mid-height of the body, inside the hollow walls of the inner liner at home. Fire bulkheads are needed to in case of fire to protect the second floor and slow down the burning house.
Start construction of the second floor with the installation of the floor. The materials you choose for flooring, lift up, why pre-install the ladder on the second floor. This will facilitate the work.
After the floor is to be laid on the frame, start collecting wall, lifts up to the plate. When lifting and assembling the wall plates, keep in mind that you will work at altitude, which means you need at least one assistant which will insure you and support plate during installation.
Fix wall temporary insurance from the boards and lift to the vertical position of the plate, and then secure them on the floor. Additionally, you can build a balcony or a Conservatory coming from the second floor.
Finish the construction of the second floor construction of ceilings and roofs. If you work in a team with several assistants, build a house does not take a lot of time.