You will need
  • - insulation;
  • - plasterboard;
  • - laminate flooring.
If you have decided that floors on the second floor will be heated with the help of pipes and water heating, use the following tips to conduct internal finishing works. Before laying the pipe lay roll insulation. The space between the tubes fill with thick pieces of drywall that will give the "rigidity" of the structure. On top put another layer of insulation, now you can lay, for example, a laminate.
If you want to lay this eco-friendly wooden floor, take care of careful selection of material. For the sub-floor sufficiently flat boards with no rot and low humidity. If you plan to use the second floor as living space and prepare the Board for painting, pay attention to the structure of the Board: it must not contain knots, rot surfaces and completely dry (12% humidity).
Before laying the planks lay soundproof soundproof layer of components (cork crumbs, mineral wool or sawdust). Laying start from the back of the wall, stapling the boards with nails, driving them at an angle of 30-50°. The joints of the floorboards place on the joists.
If you decide to build a house frame type of the standard panels, the floor of the second floor will also be made from prefabricated slabs. Under the flooring in this case it is better to put damping strip made of polyethylene foam with a minimum thickness of 3 mm. as the flooring is best to use laminate.
In the last decade it has become a popular technology controlled sexes, provides for the installation of wooden joists attached to the base of the plastic bolt racks. The advantage of this technology is speed of installation, the exception of a long period of drying and the possibility of laying additional sound insulation and thermal insulation layers as well as the ability to accommodate under the floor of all types of communication. However, the technology of laying the floor only by a specialist, and then selecting it, it is better to seek professional help.