You will need
  • - a catalogue or a shop selling surveillance cameras;
  • - technical description of the cameras.
Define the desired design videogamereview CCTV camera type depends on its placement and display purposes: - mini camera is designed for covert surveillance and are mounted in the wall. Box these cameras can be cylindrical or rectangular;- dome cameras mounted in the ceiling and have an interesting design;- street cameras have a protective cover with a heating system, sun visor, and an infrared backlight for night - standard camera is usually made in cylindrical form and is suitable for installation on any surface. You can use almost any lens with the required angle;- modular chambers are produced without the case with one charge and small lenses. They can be inserted into the housing or duct; adjustable cameras have a swivel mechanism for a better consideration of the object and a specific zone.
Select color or black cameracase-white video cameras have a lower cost and higher sensitivity, allowing you to see better at night than color. However, color cameras may be equipped with a large number of functions. For example, the function "day/night" allows you to go to monochrome mode in the dark. In some cases, the color image is mandatory for a better recognition of the object. Although color models are more expensive.
Please note technical specifications - resolution: measured in TV lines. Vertically everyone models resolution is equal to 625 TV lines, horizontal and happens from 380 to 600 TVL. The higher the number, the more fine detail you can see;- sensitivity: its choice depends on the illumination level the controlled area. Sensitivity is measured in Lux (LX). The larger the value, the brighter the lighted object during the day. The smaller it is, the better the visibility at night. For example, for areas with poor lighting (outside) is to give preference to cameras with sensitivity from 0.01 to 0.05 Lux.