Camcorders are not only professional and normal. There is another type – semi-close in functionality to the professional and uses advanced Amateurs, and even some operators for a set of stories. If you are working as a operator at a major TV Studio, feel free to make a choice in favor of a semi-Pro camcorder, because it gives much better quality than the domestic model.
Prosumer cameras have good trehmatrichnye lens (CCD 1/4") with a diameter of 58 mm. These parameters give a high sensitivity and, accordingly, the excellent recording quality even in the dark, which is a problem for most consumer camcorders. Professional cameras also have three matrices of minimum size 1/2", without an LCD screen and autofocus, but with interchangeable lenses. These cameras are much heavier than the semi-professional and, of course, much more expensive. Therefore, even with video, do not rush to fork out for a model – semi will provide you with all necessary set of functions and high image quality.
Prosumer cameras weigh two to four pounds, there are shoulder and hand. Unlike domestic models, semi-professional always there is a handle for easy carrying. "Cannon" (directional microphone) or the microphone is usually located in front of the handle. Prosumer cameras are recording to tape, although today you can find and writing on the flash model. Such cameras are available from companies Panasonic, Canon, Sony. The information they have recorded in AVCHD format (1920 x 1080).
From semi-professional camcorder is necessary for the function of ZOOM, which is digital and optical. Note that in semi-professional models, digital effects are very small, so as a professional shooting almost always do "clean", then to process by other means as necessary, because a picture using the built-in effects is not clear from them.