You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • phone;
  • headphones;
  • microphone;
  • - start-up capital.
Analyze the current market in which you are. It is important to realize what goods need the majority of the population. Regardless of time and market saturation, for people always important the following areas of life: beauty, health, relationship. It is best to participate in such projects that can give people all this.
Find promising company. It must have a valuable inexpensive product which will need to purchase each month. This criterion will allow you to make and increase turnover. In addition, the company must have registration papers to conduct legal business in your country of residence.
Remember another important point. It is important that this organization was just beginning to enter the market of the country. If the company many years exists in your area, then you will have less chance to succeed. First always get more privileges.
Find a professional mentor and team. This is a key moment of the beginning of a profitable business. You need to understand that to lead you to the money only for a person who already earns. Subscribe to a competent business coach who has already raised one successful distributor.
Learn the system of building business through the Internet. In addition to professional negotiation, your mentor should teach you how to make sales online. Without a system you will not be able to create a profitable business.
Make a website with a subscription form, a personal blog and learn to promote their resources. With their help, you will position yourself as a successful and competent businessman. Newcomers will come into the team after you sign up for the newsletter and is interested in your offer.
Communicate every day with the maximum number of people. Do this either by phone or via Skype with those who are really interested in your offer. They can be not only subscribers on the website, but also old friends and other entrepreneurs.
Learn all aspects of the network business to become a leader. Learn from your mentor, read the new content and publish the most interesting and useful on your blog. Gradually you will come to new partners. In the end you will have a large profitable business.