Write a business plan and include milestones that will need to go through to successfully build a profitable business. Use the business plan to financial reporting.
Find as much information on your industry, examine current trends in the market and competition features. Use these marketing agencies.
Describe all your strengths and weaknesses compared to main competitors. Use your strengths to choose the right direction for further development. You need to raise the level of production to a qualitatively new level, to increase the number of loyal customers.
Make sure you fully understand your target audience and characteristics of customers. Conduct more research and surveys of target clients to understand what products or services they need. Ask them how much they are willing to pay for the proposed products. Use your marketing research to determine correct pricing of the company.
Find the right supplier of products, if you are selling a product. Please refer to theme website for more information about the wholesale distributors. Put ads in various trade magazines related to your industry. Contact the responding wholesalers and manufacturers. Select those that offer the product delivery to the most optimal conditions.
Select a location for your business. Make sure that you are opening a retail store in the area where concentrated target audience. Choose the most profitable area in the business part of the city, for example, if you sell expensive clothes or jewelry.