You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - the print edition of business;
  • - mentor.
Decide for yourself in what area of business you want to succeed. There are segments of small, medium and large businesses. If you are a novice and have never done anything like that, then consider the option of creating income in the network organization or direct sales company. Also you will approach the development of the information business, i.e. selling knowledge in the packaging via the Internet. All three areas of the business is very profitable, if they develop every day and to learn the technology.
Think about purchasing a ready business, for example, a café, a restaurant, a skittle alley. This option would be acceptable, if you already have some experience and a good starting capital. In this case, it is still important to have partners and associates. Examine accounting records of a company. If you see that the business is in surplus for a long time, then he really is profitable.
Communicate with those who have already achieved good results in the business. Attend the meeting of businessmen to discuss relevant ideas of business development, both in real life and on the Internet. In the process of personal communication, you will begin to develop an idea of what the project is profitable at the moment, and what – not. Don't hesitate to ask questions of his interlocutors.
Read the print edition on the topic of business, which are published in your city. For example, a very popular newspaper "Kommersant". It is possible to find the description of promising business projects. Perhaps some of them will fit your goals and current financial situation.
Find a professional mentor who will help realize your goals in business. Still, any entrepreneurial business is connected with people, not ideas. Whatever you do, you need an experienced guide who will be able to guide you from the initial position to the final.