Begin shaping the crown of a tree as early as possible. Pinch back and trim the branches in the first year of life of the plant, when the height of the escape reaches 20 centimeters. Proceed to the formation of the crown in late February - early March, before the active annual increase: at this time, cut the side shoots and the top of the barrel, and then during the spring and summer, pinch the branches growing beyond the boundaries selected for crown shape.
Cut is zero, i.e. the first escape, leaving it 4-5 well-developed buds. When they will develop powerful branches of the first order with a length of 10-15 cm, presidnete them. Shoots subsequent orders pinch or cut so that their length was 5 cm less than the length of parent shoots. Finish the crown formation on the shoots of the fourth order, this is usually enough to make the lemon lush beautiful shape. In further care for the tree, maintaining the selected shape of the crown.
Do not cut too many sprouts at the same time, it stimulates a sharp increase in so-called fattening of the branches or the arrows, which you do not receive a new kidney.
Do not allow fruiting until then, until the crown of the trees. To do this, remove the flowers and ovaries, thereby leaving the lemon power for active growth of branches and leaves. Formed on the crown avoid excess fruit, as too a large number of ovaries can lead to diseases of trees, depletion and slow its growth. After flowering, remove the excess of the ovary, leaving evenly spaced around the crown of the future fruits: each ovary should have no less than 12-14 leaves.
Provide uniform watering and lighting your tree to the crown was beautiful and voluminous. If one side of the Bush is tapered, turn the plant damaged side to the light source, if possible. To help the foliage lining, water the soil on this side more carefully.