You will need
  • — pots;
  • — expanded clay;
  • — river sand;
  • film;
  • loam;
  • — humus;
  • — ground sheet.
Tree potted lemonand can be grown from seeds or seedlings purchased at a flower shop. Remove seeds from bought fruit lemonand and select the largest plant them in cups or small pots with the prepared and moistened soil, loose and fertile (to a depth of 1.5 cm). For its preparation mix one part leaf land, one part humus, one part humus, and half of a major river sand. Pre-treat seeds with a growth stimulant. At the bottom of the pot should have drainage holes and a layer of expanded clay.
Cover the pots with foil and water, but only spray. Environment temperature should be no lower than 18-20 degrees. After two or three weeks you can witness the first sprout, but the fruit so the lemon will begin after about eight years. Place pots planted with lemonAMI on the window sill on the South side.
After the sprouts gave the second pair of leaves, remove the tape. Water very cautiously and moderately, to avoid excessive waterlogging of the soil and drying out. The water temperature should be a few degrees higher than room temperature. In any case, do not water the plants with cold water, only to defend. Further care is reduced to fertilization, timely watering, the formation of the crown and transplant.
Three months after planting, start feeding potted lemon once a week with a solution of organic and mineral fertilizers. For this purpose it is highly suitable chicken manure diluted in water at a ratio of 1:10. Remember, the excess fertilizer is actually no better than the lack of them.
In the summer period, move the container of lemonω in the fresh air of the veranda, the balcony or in the garden pritenyaya from direct sunlight. In the autumn reduce watering, pour the water just after drying out the top layer of the earth. Reduce feeding, do not more often than once per month. Reduce temperature to 12-15°.
The young plant is recommended to repot twice a year, adult lemon - once in three years. Try not to damage the roots of plants not shake the ground, and replant along with the ball. Replace the top layer of soil to fresh soil. This plant does not tolerate frequent movement, it is not recommended to disturb the lemon and moving it from one place to another or to deploy with a rapid movement.