You will need
  • - patience;
  • -the desire;
  • sticks for exercises;
  • -a piece of plywood.
Today playing technique on percussion instruments has reached unprecedented heights, there are many drum styles have changed drum kits and drummers demonstrate the wonders of owning this tool.
First master the production of arms and legs and fit for installation. To do this, consult an experienced teacher and take a few first lessons. Drumming installations requires much more coordination. After one hand is done ride-a party on a plate, with the other hand a rhythmic pattern on a snare drum, a bass drum is already a foot is performed by a third party, etc. Musicians have to simultaneously perform up to six functions.
For a start, learn a basic exercise to four-coordinated when the arms and legs ticking off the different duration of notes. If you have no drum set, for this exercise, take an ordinary chair, place it on the floor and play. Right leg of the chair - plate, left - snare, and my feet just stomp. Ready?
Start with your right foot to play quarters. Continuing with the right leg set rhythm, left in the same rhythm play eighth notes. This exercise is called bilateral coordination.
Another exercise: the left stick play eighth-note triplets, feet continue already mastered the exercise. This is a tripartite co-ordination.
The most difficult thing, when you without stopping the previous exercises, include operation of right stick and beat her sixteenth. This is already the quadripartite coordination. These exercises gradually complicate. To do this you have to develop a good coordination of both hands, regardless of you right-handed or left-handed. But training of the "weak" hand, don't forget about the "weak" leg.
Pick simple exercises for drum kit and start training until you can play them easily. Do the exercises in a distinct pace. After the development, come up with their own variations and continue training.