Hold the beads between your index and middle fingers and then throw the lower end of the beads up.
Pick up the bottom end between thumb and forefinger, and then wave one of the ends to describe fingers around a complete circle in the same direction. Each contact of the ends of the beads supposed to snap together.
A more complex method of shuffling rocker beads lies in their reciprocating motion. As the axis of rotation, use the middle finger. Put it on the rosary and throw the lower end of the index finger.
The end should touch the top edge of the rosary and to fit between the middle and ring fingers. The upper end of the release from the gap between the index and middle fingers and throw it down to contact with the opposite end clear. This method of throwing a rosary will achieve uniform double knock at each flip.
The most complicated way of shuffling these beads is the technique of "snake", which requires a long training. Consistently spin the beads around your index, middle and ring fingers. The faster you will scroll the rosary, the higher your skill, the more often and louder will be heard the clicks.