Thinking about the design of the wedding invitations, bear in mind that they usually fulfil three functions: it is a sign of attention to the people you want to see on your celebration, information about the time and place of the marriage, as well as stylish, beautiful piece that can be stored for years as a memory. In accordance with these functions and should make invitations.
Select one of the varieties of invitations. It can be a regular card with a half-printed standard text. In this case, you will simply fill in the required information: names, date, venue, address.
Can also enjoy more refined version of the invitation on an individual project. They are made of different materials and decorated with ribbons, beads, embroidery, beads, feathers etc. If they are done exactly, it makes sense writing the text to entrust a professional calligrapher.
Prompts can be in the form of telegrams or letters, maps, theater programs, license agreements or notes in the newspaper. And if your friends are also advanced users of the Internet, you can come and electronic invitation cards. Just make sure she got the address and read.
You can move away from the traditional invitation cards generally think of them in the form of chocolate figurines, saucers, crowns, silk handkerchiefs, tiny boxes, etc. For such "cards" will fit wood, leather, fabric, clay and other materials. Can the text of the invitation to do "the telling" or in the form of video, writing it to disk and sending people (most importantly, that they were able to open it). It all depends on your desires and financial possibilities.
The text and style of writing invitation cards coordinate with family and friends. It will be most successful if "validated" by different people.
If you are invited to your celebration of several family members no need to send a postcard to each of them. Enough to send one, putting in it the names of all invited.
To Supplement the text with interesting epigraph at your discretion. Love the classics – cite lines from some poems, like humor or wise sayings – search sayings. In the form of a poem, you can make and the entire text of the invitation, if you have such skills yourself or order it to a specialist.
Need to match the text carefully and write accurately and without mistakes. It would be better if the text is at least two – one, classic and more strict – for relatives and officials, the second is witty and fun option for friends and buddies of the bride and groom.
If necessary, in the invitation do not forget to specify the dress code or hint on any special style festive evening that invitees were able to Orient correctly in choosing clothes.
Etiquette wedding invitation sealed in two envelopes. On the top must be hand-written return address, and internal – name are invited. The second envelope seal is not necessary, and put his face to the valve on the top of the envelope.