It is unlikely that someone of the guests will be delighted if at the time of submission will slip a slip of the tongue or is improperly called his name. So in advance, make clear the list, it is desirable to specify in it the full names of the guests, not how you used to call them. Agree, Vale Baba would be pleased if you call her Valentina Ivanovna. Bring to the wedding a few printed files list for the master of ceremonies, witnesses and even one for yourself, just in case. This will save you if one of the options lost during the turmoil.
A wedding is a fun celebration. If invited to a little, you can remember some good interesting history associated with each of them. And before giving the floor to another guest, to tell this case. Only briefly. Will be appropriate and gratitude, which probably touched every guest: "This man, we are thankful that he gave us a wonderful romantic surprise by giving tickets to the last row in the cinema. Thank you, dear uncle Andrei Petrovich".
Think of each guest quatrains reflecting the character of a person, the way you love him for that value. For example: "Tanya – best friend, she is all uneasy of the mountain, very glad to see Tanya, we are at the holiday table". You can write these words on small postcard – hearts and handing the microphone to give their guests a keepsake.
In addition there are many games that will help your friends and family to become better acquainted. Can in a circle to convey the music of some object (usually at weddings it's a bottle), and when the music fades, the one object remains in the owner, calling their name. You can make a magic bag, and each of the guests may pull out the name of the other invited, appears and greets him by the hand. Games informal atmosphere allows guests to relax, and maybe in the next game they will unite in good company, and after the wedding will be friends.