Buy invitations at the store, but they are presented in a large assortment. Want an original invitation? Then save your design and order their printing in the printing house. Can be done using the graphical editor, personalized invitations with your photo on the cover.
Guests are active Internet users send e-postcard invitation. Mount unusual video invitation with your participation or make a video collage of photos of the joint, a kind of love story. This clip will be remembered and will remain in the memory of your romantic holiday.
Make yourself or order your unique handmade invitations. In the Internet there are many tutorials of creating the invitations with his own hands. Buy ready-made cards and decorate them with satin ribbons, beads, bows, flowers, feathers or rhinestones. Invitations made by professionals, will look on the order better, but will cost you very expensive.
If you have a themed wedding, make the invitations in keeping with the theme of the holiday. Sea festival involves the presence of shells, pearls and an abundance of blue and turquoise colors. Pack the invitation in little gift glass bottles. Invitation cards in the form of ancient scrolls with wax stamp is perfect for a wedding in medieval style. It all depends on your imagination.
Consider font, color and text of the message. Invitations often are filled in by hand and be sure to include information about the date, time and place of the wedding. Traditionally, the first should be written the name of the Chapter invite the family, then his wife, and then children from oldest to youngest. Sent invitation cards to all guests.