Select invitations. These can be ready-made cards bought in a store, and invitations developed according to your designs and specially printed in the printing order.
If the card designed for your wedding party designer, it is likely that he provided the font that should be used for signing. If font not, then you need to choose it so that it fit the overall style of the invitations and the whole wedding. Usually all the information about the upcoming wedding, is typed in plain text, and the guests ' names – in italics, in some cases, they are written manually. If you or someone from relatives beautiful calligraphic handwriting, it is possible to sign all invitations – this will demonstrate that they are treated with attention.
First, at the prompt written appeal to prospective guests. Usually used name and patronymic, but if it's your close friends or relatives, then you are free to decide how to reach out to the guest.
Then follows the information block, which refers to when and where the wedding will take place. Be sure to write the time of the ceremony, as well as the day and month. Here enter the address of the registry office, Banquet halls or other places where you call the hotel. When invited to a wedding, write to the address which is the Church and what time should guests arrive. Usually to the registry office or Church call your dearest friends and relatives, and at the Banquet all the guests.
If the wedding is supposed to use the dress code, you have to specify it. Also it is necessary to leave the General recommendations. For example, to write "the suits and evening dresses", or if the wedding is styled, to indicate its theme.
At the end of the invitation leaves a pair of his signature. Despite the fact that most invitations are sent out and signed future newlyweds, this can make the parents on its behalf, if the wedding is celebrated in their home.
To prepare the invitations, you must first make up a guest list. Join those who come with families. According to etiquette, those who come together should receive one invitation. Individual invitations are sent only to those who will come alone. If you name is on the wedding couple that is not married but lives together, they also must have a General invitation.