Take the sheet with the finished pattern. Raschertite it into squares of the same size. So the pattern was more exact, squares vycherchivaya smaller.
On a clean sheet of paper, draw squares, but of greater magnitude. If you need the size of the patterns to doubled, hence, the size of the squares increase in two times. For example: the first sheet contains the squares with side 1 cm, then on the second sheet make the squares 2 cm Copy the pattern from the first sheet to the second, accurately conveying all the direction lines. Cut out the resulting pattern.
If you need to increase the pattern garments, then copy the desired pattern out of a magazine. Verify measurements: circumference of waist, chest, hips, neck, the width of the back and shelves, the length of the back. Compare the measurements of the finished pattern and your. The difference is the size of your raise. Ready (paper) pattern cut on the appropriate lines to fit the patterns.
Then portions of the patterns extend to the desired value. For example, you need to increase the width of the parts patterns. For this the whole magnitude of the increase was divide into 4 equal parts (the right and left parts of the back and forehand).
And if you need to increase the amount of the product on the chest and waist 4 cm, then the details of the back and front extend 1 cm (expand the whole pattern at 1 cm from the waist line to shoulder line). Adjust all lines. Get the pattern already larger. To consolidate the changes connected under the pattern paper. The details of the bodice at the lengthen line that is located between the lines of bust and waist.
If you need to increase the armhole, the increase in do along the line that the figure plotted by a dotted line. If you change the pattern of openings, don't forget to change the pattern sleeve.