You will need
  • tablets peroxide;
  • non - metallic Cup;
  • cream or petroleum jelly;
  • - gloves;
  • brush for paint application to the hair;
  • - wooden or plastic comb;
  • shampoo and conditioner for hair.
If you lighten your hair medium length and thickness, cook 50-60 ml 6-12% solution of hydrogen peroxide. For a more subtle and, conversely, thicker hair, make concentration a little more or less. Prepare a small stock, in the most inopportune moment the solution is not over.
In a glass, plastic or porcelain Cup, pour 30 ml of warm water and soak in it 9 tablets gidroperita. You get 9% hydrogen peroxide solution. Add a little diluted soap to make it easier to apply the mixture.
Lubricate the skin around the edge of the boundary of the hair with a nourishing cream or vaseline to protect her in case of contact with active substances. Put on gloves and start to apply lightening mixture to the hair.
First treat the hair on the back of the head is separate while the strands parted. If you have short hair, start from the roots, long moisturizing solution with all. In conclusion, a wooden comb or plastic comb with a few teeth, put locks on the head and cover the mesh, so they will not fall on the shoulders. To close polyethylene wrap and towel not necessary, otherwise the chemical reaction will occur much heat, and can burn hair.
Follow the process of clarification, when the hair will be the desired tone, rinse them with peroxide and warm water. But be careful not to leave it on the hair longer than half an hour. This time can be more or less depending on the concentration of the active substance.
Wash your hair with shampoo and apply balm for 20-30 minutes. Care for the bleached hair, make a mask, moisturize them with oils. Never brush wet. After the regrowth of dark roots repeat the procedure of clarifying, trying not to put the bleach on the already bleached sections.