You must know the ip address of the computer you want to connect to. If you know a domain name, you can define the ip on one of the existing online services. For example, here:
Enter the domain name in the format – that is the site name without "http://", click "Submit". You will get ip address and all additional information about the site.
Now you need to determine which ports on the computer you're interested in are open. This is done by scanning using special software scanners. The most well-known scanners Nmap and XSpider. Beginner is better to choose the second, the network can find both the demo and the full version of the program.
Open XSpider, keep your ip address, run the scan. After completion you will receive a list of open ports on the scanned machine. An open port does not mean that you have access to the remote computer and only indicates that the port is in use by some program. For example, port 21 – ftp, 23 – telnet, 4988 – Radmin, 3389 - Remote Desktop, etc. Type in search "a List of ports and their services" and you will get the detailed information.
You got the list of open ports. The next step – finding a way to get through these ports to the remote machine. There are a lot of options, basic password guessing or finding and using an appropriate exploit. An exploit is code written for a specific vulnerability.
If you want to learn how to use exploits, download software Metasploit. It includes hundreds of exploits, their composition is constantly updated. Composed of Metasploit is and scanner Nmap. Learning the program takes time and patience, but the result is worth it.
If you want a fast result, download two programs: VNC-scanner Gui interface (vnc_scanner_gui) and Lamescan. The first is a very good and fast scanner, great for scanning a specific port. For example, the port 4899, used by the remote control program Radmin.
Start the VNC scanner, specify the port 4899, select the desired country and click "Get diap list". In the window on the left you see a list of ip address ranges. Select multiple ranges (preferably 2-3), the rest remove. Click "Start scan". After finishing the scanning process, you will receive a text file IPs.txt a list of the ip addresses of computers that have opened the port 4899. Click "Start parser" - the list will be cleaned of all unnecessary information, leaving only the ip address.
Run Lamescan. Click the menu "setting – Main". Put the port number 4899. Enter the paths to the dictionaries of passwords and logins (find them online). Click "Finish". Now click the green plus sign and enter your nakanunye ip address and click the green arrow. Will start the process of selection of the password to the specified addresses. In most cases, the selection is a failure, but hundreds of addresses will appear with simple passwords.
Download and install Radmin. Run it, enter the address of a computer find the password. In the window that appears, enter the password (and username – if the picked up data to the program with username and password). There is a blue connection icon, and few seconds later you will see on his screen the desktop of the remote computer.