Sometimes it is enough to get out of the house for a few days, as the depression begins to fade and retreat. While visiting new places (Yes, even if old, where I have not been) the person inevitably gets certain impressions and emotions that act as a distraction. In addition, any trip is not complete without communication with different people, it does not give inward.
No wonder in all ages of the doctors talked about sleep as one of the best medicine. Insomnia often accompanies depression, so it is necessary to take measures to establish a healthy sleep. For this we need to go to bed in complete silence, in a well ventilated room. If necessary, you can take mild sleeping pills or drink at night herbal calming tea (must be the Valerian root, motherwort, Melissa, peony flowers and lavender).
Let me in your life humor and very soon you will notice that awakens interest in life, and replaced the distress comes the desire to live and to love. Watch comedies, concerts of famous comedians, and listen to the recording contagious laughter – your existence will become much brighter and more positive.
Without going into my experiences. A person who is depressed, tend to scroll through a thousand negative thoughts in your head, come back again and again to the point where he feels all the trouble started. To pound this "water in a mortar", or, according to Dale Carnegie, to saw sawdust that sawdust in your state are a long time ago .. It is a vicious circle in which the man drove himself, and from which himself does not come out. Have any way to escape, to shift your thoughts to something else. Even through the force.
"It is necessary just to survive" - that's the idea to scroll in the head is not forbidden. The world doesn't stop for the duration of your depression, the Earth still rotates, the factories are working, people are born, fall in love, get married. Anyway, you will return to the usual course of events, leaving a depression in the past. The reality is, if she didn't resist, will bring you back to life.
Of course, sensitivity and libido during depression usually weakened. But sex (procreation) is one of the main human instincts, makes you act so completely it does not disappear. As well as the instinct to breathe, eat, sleep (about instinct we are not talking, because if it is weakened, i.e. man's thoughts of suicide, to overcome depression alone will not succeed, you need qualified help of a psychiatrist). Sex helps the body develop a natural antidepressant – endorphin (hormone of joy), so that making love, you slowly get out of depression.