Already long ago, scientists have calculated the approximate number of calories that is required by the human body. These data you can find on most sites devoted to nutrition.
To eat following the table of energy consumption, composed of physicians and academics, but remember that each person is different. It is best to calculate your own corridor of calories consumed. To determine the lower limit of the corridor caloric content quite easily. To do this, the value of his height (in inches) subtract one hundred. The result multiply by 10. For example, for a person whose height is 165 cm, the minimum number of daily consumed energy should be (165-100)*10= 650 kcal. Losing weight is a small growth it should be remembered that the consumption less than 600 calories a day is fraught with consequences, so it is better to eat a little more than the lower bound.
To compute the upper bound, simply add to the lower 300 calories (400 if you lead an active lifestyle). Thus, for a person with height 165 centimeters, the upper limit will be 650+400=1050 kcal.
To eat, following the corridor-calorie, 1.5-2 weeks, 3 days adhering to the lower limit, 3 days top. Then you should take a break for a week or two consuming a day is normal for the body the number of calories that will not give any better or to lose weight.
To calculate the optimal number of calories is very easy. Your ideal weight (it depends on growth and it can be found in the special table) and multiply by 24. A person with perfect weight of 54 kilograms should consume 54*24=1296 kcal. Do not confuse the ideal and the real weight.