Advice 1: How to put on the computer when you turn

Almost every user operating systems familiar with Windows system sounds and music that plays when the welcome screen. Surely, you have seen your friends or acquaintances the same as I see at home, but the music when loading the desktop could be different. To perform this conversion is possible when editing system settings.
How to put on the computer when you turn
You will need
  • - operating system family of Windows.
Prepare a wav file with the music that should play when you enable the computer. It may be that a suitable wav file, at the moment are available. In this case, you can load sound files optimized for use in audio circuits the operating systems from the Internet. You also can use the program Sound Forge, which allows you to convert common mp3 file into wav format.After you install this program, click the top File menu, in the opened list, select Open. Select any mp3 file that you want to hear while booting the computer and click "Open".After downloading the file in the program window it can be cut, because listening to two or three minutes of the song when you start the computer gets old quickly. Now we have to save the file, pressing Ctrl + S.
To change the default sounds will need to adjust the settings of the set-UPS. To do this, click "start menu", in the opened list select "control Panel". In the opened window, double-click "Sounds and audio devices" (Windows XP).
In the applet "Sounds and audio devices" click the tab "Sounds". From the drop-down list to select the action which will alter the sound signal. For example, to change the music when loading the operating system, you need to select the "Starting Windows" and press the "Browse" button. In the opened window select the prepared audio file of wav format.
In Windows 7 the location of the applet's audio is in a different place: open "start menu", in the opened list, click "control Panel" and select "Hardware and sound". In the opened window click on "Change system sounds".
Don't forget that wav files should be saved in the folder C:\Windows\Media.

Advice 2 : How to teach a computer to say "Hello" voice

If you are so lonely that the only source is a computer, it's time to teach him to greet you when you turn!
How to teach a computer to say "Hello" voice
Create in any folder of your computer a text document.
Specify the following text.

Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak "Privet"
Select "Save as..." and save the text file with a vbs extension, i.e., "ИмяФайла.txt" should be "Filename.vbs".
Navigate to "start" then "All programs" and select the folder "startup".
Drag in the "Startup" document with a vbs file extension.
Useful advice
Instead of "Privet" to prescribe its text, but not necessarily Latin.
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