Stylists recommend to wear a beret in the following way: the front part slide over the forehead, and the back – tilt to the back. The ears thus it is necessary to partially or completely close. Do not wear this hat on his head or on the crown of the head.
Bigger than takes, the further from the hairline on the forehead it should be located. Do not pull it on my eyes.
Berets look great with short hairstyles. If you have long hair, do not hide them. In this case it is better to wear takes on flowing hair, laid parted in the middle. This hairdo looks good and the option to side. If your hair shoulder-length or even shorter, wear a beret on his head, releasing the bangs and front strands.
The form of this headgear defines a certain freedom, so you don't need to over-tighten it. It should not sit tight on the head.
Pick takes a ton of clothing, shoes or accessories. If the clothes are dark, colorful hat will enliven the ensemble. To along colors it is recommended to select takes muted tones. It is also desirable to consider the color of eyes and hair.
What to wear with a beret? Remember that this is a romantic headpiece. He does not look with sports clothes, sneakers, jeans, pants and jackets with large patch pockets. The ideal option would be its combination with a skirt, dress, coat, Cape and shoes with heels.
As for the thick knitted beret, wear the following models are slightly shifted on the back of the head. To pull the forehead it is not recommended.
Wool or knitted berets can be worn not only with a coat, but a jacket, long cardigan, sweater or dress sweater.
This stylish garment is no longer considered exclusively demi-season accessory. You can wear a beret or a stylish addition to evening outfits. With delicious cocktail and summer dresses are perfectly combined model, made of lightweight fabrics, decorated with flowers, lace, embroidery, sequins and sparkles.