How to choose the right hat?

It is usually better not to risk it with untested vendors and online stores, and to contact a specialized point of sale of fur products. There you can appreciate not only the appearance of things, but also to ensure its quality feel and carefully consider. If the header needs to be complementary in a certain way (for example, the lady wants to pick up her coat, a fur vest or boots), you must take into account criteria such as the color and texture of the product. In order to avoid dissonance, try to get in the same color scheme and buy things from fur of the same origin. This will help to maintain harmony in appearance.

You should also consider the complexion and hair of the future mistress. To hide the redness from the cold, blond and red-haired girls should avoid white and grey caps. Very strict criteria in the selection of style no. The only thing you should pay attention to is the inverse ratio between the external volume of the person and the hat. Simpler this can be explained by the equation: the smaller the owner, the greater the size should be in caps. And Vice versa. The popular hooligan of retrosonic need to avoid chubby and chubby ladies.

Last, but not least important, the condition – fit and quality tailoring. Traces of glue, sloppy SAG and defects in the line have to convince to abandon this instance. Avoid the outer seams - they often begin to puff up and out the fur. And, of course, hat should be comfortable: do not press, do not slide and do not RUB the skin. To avoid all this, you just need to choose the right size.

By following these simple tips, it is very easy to pick up a fur hat, which will warm and decorate on a cold winter day.