Run the program "1C: Enterprise". Fill in the document "a Return from the buyer" if the defective product was discovered after implementation. Mark in column "a" of "Marriage". If the marriage was discovered in the warehouse of the enterprise, then issued a document "Release of goods" in which in the column "Number of defective products" is indicated the corresponding number. After that, you create the document "Moving warehouses", if the goods sent to the warehouse for corrections. Fixing a marriage is impossible, the products shall be written off.
Sleep marriage in the program "1C: Enterprise" design document "write-off of defective inventories". Check the price of the defective goods, which will be reflected in the account 28 "Marriage in production". If the item can be disassembled, then issued a document "Posting MPZ from a marriage" and specified the value of the materials, which are debited from the account 28.
Take some of the costs of marriage with the responsible person. In this case, open the document "other expenses", which specifies the operation type "write-off". Enter the amount and cost of "Marriage in production". Select account 73.02 "payment of compensation for material damage.
Check the correct cancellation of marriage in the program "1C: Enterprise". To do this, open accounting. If done correctly, the write-off of defective products from the warehouse will be reflected on credit of account 43 "Finished goods" and the debit of the account 28. After this reflects the posting of materials from the analysis of marriage on the debit of account 10.1 "Raw materials". The month-end closing is carried out by transfer to the debit account 20 "Primary production" of the balance of the loan account 28. The transfer of marriage for correction is reflected on the loan account 10.1 the debit of the account 28.