Many print publications warn young mothers about the necessity of diet feeding the baby breast milk.
The diet of the mother directly affects the health of the child.

But, despite warnings and attempts by nursing mothers to stick to a diet, the problem still persists and ways to treat colic do not lose their relevance. Moreover, the tool that will instantly soothe one baby, may not have any impact on the digestive system of another. What is the most common and effective means to tell if a child has a stomach ache?

In the first place will help to deal with the problem diet mom. You should make a list of allowed foods, hanging it on the refrigerator as a reminder.

Several ways of how to remove pain in the tummy child

Spasms in the infant can be removed through massage, led by the hand on the tummy spiral clockwise.
Put the folded diaper is heated or pressed a little tummy to her bare stomach. The warmth of the mother's body soothes pain.

If the tummy's rumbling, then you can give dill water, infusion of chamomile or "Espumizan", "Happy Baby", "Bebinos", "Plantex", "Baby calm". Drugs to use strictly according to instructions in any case not to increase the dosage!

If month child has a stomach ache all the time from birth, despite the fact that the mother comply with all the required diet, then maybe she forgets to raise the baby upright for 15 minutes after feeding?

If all constraints are met, and the problem remains, then you need to start taking medication. To begin to pay attention to what the consistency of the stool of the baby.

Constipation in infants can be considered in two ways. Functional and organic. Functional can occur when lack of fluid, dysbiosis, allergies or iron deficiency.

Organic is a malformation of the child, then surgical intervention is necessary.

What will help with constipation?

If the baby suckling, it is enough to give him the required amount of liquid, how much he wants, the problem will be solved. But if the child is on artificial feeding, it is not necessary to change the mixture. Early to introduce solid foods, purees, juices, give more water.
Constipation can give your child laxatives from the series "Normate", "Relax". Addiction they do not cause. As a starter before feeding is to put your baby belly down, make a light massage to move the legs.