Causes and symptoms of constipation in a toddler

Among all the pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract in two-year old children the most common is constipation. It has many causes, on the basis of which selected different treatments. In normal defecation, the child should be daily, it must be accompanied by a slight straining effort. About problems may indicate a dense consistency feces, painful bowel movements. Symptom of constipation in a child is the lack of a chair for more than two days. Constipation may be accompanied by abdominal pain. The child responds to this concern and a strong cry.

Constipation in children can be called organic and functional causes. Organic disease is often associated with anatomic defects of the colon. Functional constipation has many causes: insufficient drinking when breastfeeding or introduction of complementary foods, improper diet and nutrition the mother of the baby, the damage to the Central nervous system, impaired thyroid function, intestinal dysbiosis, deficiency anemia, food allergies, prolonged use of drugs, including antibiotics.

Constipation affects a kid's body: he develops chronic lethargy, decreased appetite, disturbed digestion, increased absorption of harmful substances. Chronic disorders the frequency of bowel movements violate the intestinal microflora, to decrease absorption of vitamins and minerals. As a result of disturbed metabolism in the cells and tissues of the body, may develop colitis.

Treatment of constipation in a toddler

As a first aid in case of constipation cleansing enema. In order to do this you need to boil water and cool it to approximately room temperature. To improve the laxative action enema water add the glycerin. To the fecal mass to soften, you can try to give the child mineral oil. To eliminate constipation you can try to introduce a candle in the rectum of the child. For this purpose it is necessary to lay on your left side and bend his legs at the knees. Any medicinal drugs can be used only on prescription.

When constipation must adjust the child's diet, the diet is introduced beets, apricots, carrots, mango, kiwi, increase fluid intake to 1.5-2 liters a day. In the diet of the baby also include products that are irritating the intestines (cabbage, black bread, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, spinach, oranges, figs, apples, nuts, melons, prunes, grapes, peaches, pumpkins). From the diet to exclude rice, porridge, mucous soups, cocoa, chocolate, pears, blueberries, white bread, pastries, pasta. In the morning on an empty stomach to give the child a glass of cool water with one teaspoon of honey. You should also change the way of life of the baby, increasing physical activity (exercise, physiotherapy, outdoor games, walks, etc.).