Use the service "Mobile transfer" to transfer money from a Megaphone on MTS without having to search the terminal or service office. First, make sure that the amount in your account is not less than 10 rubles. To activate the translation service, dial USSD-command 133*(amount of transfer in rubles)*(phone number without eight)# and press "call". Next, you will receive an automatic message containing a notification about the successful execution of the operation.
Please note some conditions before to transfer money from MegaFon, MTS. Operator shall charge 7% of the send amount. The sheer number of funds should be from 1 to 5000 rubles. No subscription fee, but there may be restrictions on the number of running per day queries. More about this can be found on the website of the operator the Megaphone.
You can send money with a Megaphone on MTS through SMS messages. To do so, send to the number 94011 SMS with the subscriber's number ("8") and the amount separated by a space. This service is paid, and the operator will take 3.3% of the amount of your payment. There are certain restrictions, for example, the minimum allowable amount for a single delivery is 100 rubles, and the maximum is 15000. It is allowed to transfer up to 40,000 rubles.
Try to send money from a Megaphone on the MTS via the Internet. It allows you to make Visa QIWI Wallet, which you can find below. Complete a short registration, linking your phone number to a personal wallet, then go to the money transfer needs of the subscriber. You will be asked to fill out a form, specifying the number of MTS that will be transferred payment, and the amount of the transfer.
The opportunity to throw money with a Megaphone on the MTS are provided in almost all online banks, for example, "Sberbank Online" or "Alfa-Click". If you are a client, simply navigate to mobile services and click on online translation. The same option is available in a variety of money transfer systems through the Internet: Webmoney, "Yandex-Money" and others.