The service "Mobile translation" is offered to any subscriber of "MegaFon" is quite popular because it allows you to quickly transfer money from one phone number to another. When using this service the user gets the opportunity to share the balance of your phone, sending money to friends or relatives from whom they suddenly ended. Subscription fees for the service are not charged, so the company attaches it automatically to all new subscribers. The client does not need to perform any additional actions, it is enough to obtain the SIM card of this operator to make full use of "Mobile translation".

What to do when disabling the service "Mobile translation"?

If the subscriber accidentally or intentionally disabled the service "Mobile translation" in the company "MegaFon", then it can be quickly and independently to connect back. To connect enough to send a normal SMS-message with text "1" to the number 3311. For sending this message of funds from the account is therefore to connect and disconnect the service unlimited number of times. An alternative connection option is to use a special USSD-command "*105*220*0#", after a set where you have to click on the call button. To send funds to another subscriber just dial*133*size of transfer*receiver's number#", then press the call button.

The use of "Mobile translation"

When using the described services, subscribers should consider that all the costs of each translation are charged to the sender. The number of the recipient of the transfer is indicated above the team can score in any way, including formats in ten or eleven digits. After successful transfer, the subscriber receives a message notification. The cheapest way to send money to other subscribers of "MegaFon" in their own region, since in this case you will need to pay only the cost of translation (five rubles for Moscow, regardless of the amount). If the translation is sent to the number of another operator or to another region, you will be charged Commission, the amount of which varies from two to six percent of the transferred amount. The maximum size of one transfer may not exceed 500 rubles, constraints on the number of transfers is not available.