You will need
  • - drill;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - anti-corrosion agent.
You must buy items, rarely breaking on production machines (intake manifold, air receiver, gas tank, fuel line, etc.). A great option can be called a fitting kit, consisting of hinged devices of the cylinder head.
Now proceed to the disassembly of the old gas tank, which place you want to install the new, while not forgetting to put the electric pump and the plane of the tank carefully treated with rust preventative.
In the block of cylinders it is necessary to apply a couple of holes (on the knock sensor and to perform the mounting bracket in the ignition module). Remember, an internal thread to be cut is mandatory. Drill carefully, and beware of the ability to reprogram the unit completely, because in this case you will have to buy a new one. For the knock sensor hole, whose depth is 16 mm, and to the mounting bracket 20 mm.
Before you begin, be sure to drain all liquid, remove the bumper and radiator. Since the knock sensor is different tapered thread, you must tighten until it stops. Further adjust the water outlet of the coolant. If there is a temperature sensor on the plug, you should replace, if not – install. The most difficult task in this case can be called laying the fuel line, do you want the underbody. Try not to work alone, especially when performing such a difficult moment, how to push under the steering mechanism of the return.