You will need
  • - the drill.
Remove the head unit, completely remove the ignition system and all fuel tubing under the hood. Disconnect the alternator and the thermostat. After that, reinstall the removed standard fuel tank is new, which is designed for fuel-injected models.
Remove the installed cylinder head, and then completely disassemble the carb and electrical wiring, which should also be replaced. Carefully disconnect the pipes of the cooling system, making sure that no liquid gets on the skin.
Disconnect the pan and install new pistons from the injector to replace the old. This replacement is due to the fact that gasoline pistons have a lower compression ratio. Install a new oil pump and cooling system. Prepare the site for installation shestnadtsatiletnej head. To do this, cut the old bolt heads and drilled holes in the new one.
Install in its place the fuel tank and connect to new mains. Connect the wiring to the fuel pump from the control unit. Then make a hole in which to install the knock sensor. Replace the pump and the breather tube for crankcase ventilation, which purchase, together with the oil dipstick.
Remove the tabs in the joint areas of the head and manifold, then refit the head after setting a new gasket. Check the thermostat and connect the coolant hoses. Install the belt and the driven generator. The temperature sensor can leave old, the other sensors to get injection engine.
Install the valve cover in place, pre-treating the surface with sealant. Connect the wiring to the sensors, the dashboard and the ignition switch. Then mount the new exhaust system. Fill with coolant, oil and fuel system and test the updated engine.