Sweating does not appear by itself, this is usually caused by any disease. So first you need to visit a therapist, and he will reveal the cause and prescribe appropriate treatment. Parallel to the treatment, make home treatments that you can use to reduce perspiration and reduce odor.

In the underarms the sweat stood out intensely each morning, take a contrast shower. Abrupt temperature changes are well coached vessels. On the skin of the armpits should be no hair - they just hold the sweat, and the result is a strong unpleasant smell.

Wipe the underarm astringent detergents. This salicylic alcohol, soda solution, toilet vinegar, tincture of calendula, etc. in the Evening again take a shower and after it pripudrivayut at night armpits with talc or alum.

Sweating of the feet is a very common problem, especially among men. And when bad hygiene appears very unpleasant odor. In this moist and warm environment fungi live. To deal with the sweating of the feet have contrasting baths. First soak the feet in hot water, then in cold. Procedure time - 15 minutes.

Do the bath with infusions of oak bark and willow, grass sage, mint and chamomile. When you do this, take 1 liter of water 4-5 tablespoons of dry grass. This concentration should help very quickly.

After the water treatment process the legs by any means of sweating, which can be bought at the pharmacy. Select the desired you can consult a doctor.

If any sweating take a multivitamin to strengthen the immune system. It is also useful to drink herbal teas.

Follow the hygiene, use deodorant, but only on a clean body. If you will not fight the sweating different procedures, some deodorants will not help.