There are a few eyeshadows that are perfect to owners of hazel eyes: swamp green, gold, purple and dark gray. But from blue, pink, and bright brown eye shadow should be abandoned – the eyes look sore, sleepy and tear-stained.
Girls with hazel eyes when choosing color eye shadow palette definitely need to take into account the color of their hair. So, the blonde and brown hair is more green and gold tones, with dark hair will better blend in beige, green, purple and lavender shadows.
Desirable for girls with hazel eyes will use black eyeliner or pencil. Arrows or just outline the contour emphasize the uniqueness of your eyes, make their color brighter and richer visually. The perfect solution for evening makeup is to use a silver pencil or glitter. Of course, in moderation.
So, the basic technique of makeup for hazel eyes, for example, in purple tones is as follows. Apply on the upper eyelid from the corner of the eye to the eyebrows, pale lilac shade. They need to take quite a bit to a slight hint of color. Next, half of the lower lid apply the light purple shade. Blend well until the color is evenly formed. Then take the darker shade and draw them with arrows as close to the lash line. Arrow should take place not only on the lower eyelid and in the crease between the upper and lower eyelid. Similarly you can perform other suitable makeup for you eyeshadow colors, the color of which can flow into each other: from the Golden swamp-green or pale purple to dark gray. If you decide to use eyeliner, draw a neat arrow them along the eyelashes. The tip of the arrow to make sharp and curved upwards. The pencil should be well potocean as the thick messy lines, alas, will not add to your makeup beauty.
Ink to owners of hazel eyes any, but in moderate doses. Two or three layers of black mascara or purple for evening makeup decorate your eyes. But blush and a bright lipstick is better not to abuse, more suited to natural shades like coral, light beige, rather than bright red or aubergine.